Fit to Exist

In 2018, after watching the fitness space expand and contract, we established our business with a view to restructure the industry.  Fitness-fee-heavy, and boutique influenced, the gym space was becoming a great deal for everyone but the members, and the operators.  We decided to look at balancing the scale towards the people who run the facilities and the people who attend the gyms, spas and health clubs that form our client base.  We love brands, but only those that actually provide value for the people paying the royalty fees, otherwise you are further ahead just doing it for yourself, with some trusted help from us of course.  Our team brings operating, technological, and sales and marketing experience in the gyms space. We approach each opportunity with a view of creating value for three key groups, the member, the staff, and the owners. Ever catering to those three "clients", we have been able to create success.

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